1. The following are required for entry to the Holiday Centre: authorisation from the Management; the registration procedures required by law; payment of a deposit.
  2. For entry and stay in the Holiday Centre each guest must comply with the control and personal identification criteria established by the Management. Acceptance and entry into the Holiday Centre may take place no later than 20:00.
  3. Visits to Guests are only allowed in the pre-camp. Only in cases discreetly authorised by the Management will entry be allowed to non-staying Guests in the Holiday Centre, subject to the deposit of an identity document and payment of the applicable fees.
  4. The Management reserves the right to accept campers for a discretional minimum stay with advance payment.
  5. The Management reserves the right not to accept groups of young people, even if only a few, and crews from locations within 250 km of the Centre.
  6. Pitches and accommodation units are allocated by the Management. No relocation is possible without the Management’s authorisation. Under no circumstances may neighbouring pitches or parts of them be occupied.


  1. Rates are displayed at the entrance. Payments must be made during the cash desk hours, which are indicated near the cash desk. Payments outside the cash desk hours or on the day of departure shall be subject to a surcharge of €10.00.
  2. Excepting to derogations provided for in the special conditions of stay, campers must leave the Campsite by 12:00 on the day of departure; after this time, additional charges will apply. Guests staying in accommodation units or pitches with private bathrooms must leave them by 10:00 on the day of departure.


  1. Cars and motorbikes must be parked in the parking areas. Cars and motorbikes (even if electric) are not allowed to circulate inside the Holiday Centre. Other electrically driven vehicles (bicycles, scooters, etc.) may circulate at a speed not exceeding 6 km/h. The Management is authorised to coactively remove cars parked outside the car park, even in the absence of appropriate signs, charging offenders the cost of removal as indicated in the spaces dedicated to customer communications. In any case, the verified parking of cars or motorbikes inside the campsite will result in the charge of the “Standard pitch” rate as per the price list.
  2. Each guest is required to respect the prescriptions, limitations and prohibitions indicated in the appropriate signs, signs, vegetation and hygiene and sanitary facilities of the Holiday Centre.
  3. The Management is not responsible for telephone or postal communications not delivered to guests.
  4. Waste shall be deposited, during the hours established by the Management, exclusively in the waste disposal area located at the entrance of the Holiday Centre. The dumping of hazardous or bulky waste (refrigerators, cookers, tarpaulins, tents, furniture, packaging, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Those responsible for abandoning such waste will be reported to the competent authorities. The costs incurred for the disposal of such waste will be charged to those responsible, including by forfeiting the deposit.
  5. It is forbidden to light open fires. Charcoal cookers (barbecues) may only be lit in the spaces and at the times indicated by the Management from time to time. Only camping cylinders are allowed for cooking.
  6. Only camping appliances may be used on the pitches. Connections must be made exclusively with CEI standard cables. The same cables must under no circumstances cross the walkways. The Management is always authorised to remove unsuitable or incorrectly connected cables without notice. The Management shall not be held liable in any way for accidents to property or persons resulting from the incorrect use of electrical equipment.
  7. Children must be attended and supervised by their parents at all times. It is forbidden for minors under 8 years of age not accompanied by their parents to use the hygienic equipment and any other equipment in the Holiday Centre.
  8. The presence of an animal (no more than two per pitch and one per accommodation unit) must be reported at booking or, if none, before check-in. Animals are only allowed in some types of accommodation units. We reserve the right not to accept the booking or check-in if the animal belongs to breeds considered dangerous or reported as such by the relevant authorities.
    When checking in, you must show your “PET PASSAPORT” or the up-to-date “health book” for your pet’s access. An identification tag may be attached to its collar.
    When walking or staying on the pitch, you must keep your pet on a leash (no longer than 150 cm.) and with a muzzle at the disposal.
    Dogs in the ‘molossers’ breed category must wear a muzzle at all times.
    Animals are not allowed on the equipped beach and in the following public areas: piazzetta, swimming pools, children’s playground; and in the following facilities: reception, public toilets, market, bar and restaurants (with the exception of areas specially designated for pet owners).
    Animals, for all their needs, must be led out of the areas designated as pitches, from the gardens of the accommodation units and from the driveways, and taken to the marked areas where there are special bins for their droppings.
    The Management reserves the right to set aside a special area of the campsite for guests with pets.
    The Management reserves the right to ban from the holiday centre guests who do not abide by the above rules or whose animals disturb the peace and quiet of the other guests.
  9. From 01:00 to 07.30 and from 14.30 to 16:30, any activity that may disturb the guests’ rest is forbidden. It is the Management’s right to organise competitions, entertainments or other exceptions to this requirement. Listening to acoustic equipment (televisions, radios, etc.) must always take place at a low volume.
  10. The beach overlooking the Holiday Centre is partly free and partly equipped. It is forbidden to stay with deckchairs, parasols or towels on the equipped beach front. Each guest is required to respect the cleanliness of the beach and to comply with the Port Authority ordinances displayed near the beach.


  1. Each guest is required to take care of his/her belongings. The Management shall not be liable under any circumstances for the possible theft of or damage to such goods. Money and valuables may be deposited at the Management, which reserves the right to accept safekeeping. Any objects found in the Holiday Centre must be handed in to the Management for return to their owners.
  2. For any damage caused to other people’s equipment or to the Holiday Centre, only the person who has caused it shall be liable, the responsibility of the Management being expressly excluded.


  1. In any case of violation of these Rules and Regulations, the Management is authorised to forfeit the deposit paid by those responsible as compensation for the material and image damage suffered, without prejudice to the claim for any greater damage that may have occurred in the specific case.
  2. Any complaints or suggestions from guests will be welcomed by the Management, if received in writing.
  3. In the case of disagreements regarding the interpretation of these Regulations, the interpretation of the Management of the Holiday Centre shall always be considered valid.
  4. Failure to comply with these Regulations or behaviour that damages the harmony or order of the Holiday Centre, shall result in the expulsion from the same of those responsible and the forfeiture of the deposit paid by the same, without prejudice to the request for greater damages.