Marina di Lecce - Puglia
Opening 2024: 25 May to 15 Sep

Dog Camp

Tailored for your four-legged friend.

The Holiday Center has two large areas, our Doggylands, where your four-legged friends can run freely and play with you and your children.
In addition, a new spacious cabin is available to you for their toilet.
A designated area of the restaurants is available for those who want to bring their dogs with them.
If you are planning to bring your dog with you, please let us know when you make your reservation or, if you have not made a reservation, when you check in and carefully read the rules that you can find by clicking on the button below.

Things to know

  • Under no circumstances may pets be left unattended inside or outside the accommodation unit.
  • The dog must be kept on a leash (no longer than 150 cm.) and with a muzzle available at all times.
  • The dog may not be led freely along the avenues and common areas of the Holiday Center. He can only be made to travel the shortest distance between his own pitch/accommodation and the area specifically designated for his recreation and needs, where there are special containers for his droppings.
  • Under no circumstances may dogs have access to the equipped beach and the following common areas: plaza, swimming pools, amphitheater, children’s playground; and the following premises: reception, collective toilets, and market bars and restaurants.
  • Entry to bars and restaurants is allowed only in the rooms reserved for dog owners, using the special access gates.
  • For all its needs, the dog must be escorted out of the areas designated for plots, housing gardens, and driveways, and led to the designated marked areas

You can’t. We have a Dog toilet dedicated to them.

It is necessary to have an updated Pet Passport or Health Card. An identification tag may be applied to its collar.

Always, no longer than 150 cm and with a muzzle available.

It is possible to pass by our private exit to take the dog to the free beach. It is not allowed to stay with dogs on the equipped beach.

Sure, a special area is dedicated to your four-legged friends.