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Ferragostiadi 2020

4 August 2020
“Dressing up as cross-dressing is an expression of a way of being, feeling and manifesting oneself in society.”

It seemed like a mirage, a utopian dream, it seemed almost unattainable, we dreamt for a long time, during the months spent at home, of being able to live by the sea, next to our loved ones, with friends, to return to have fun, to go wild under the scorching Salento sun, to spend good times to remember, we longed for the longed-for summer holidays, we hoped to see the children happy outdoors again soon, and how much we imagined returning to see the stars again?

We did it, with everyone’s commitment, and now here we are, one step away from Ferragosto 2020, a very special occasion, with a magical touch, for all that we have experienced, and we would really like to worthily celebrate the most eagerly awaited summer festivity by transforming Torre Rinalda into a different world, colourful, picturesque and with a flavour of authentic uniqueness.
One big colourful Family, as if it were carnival time, to build something truly bizarre, crazy and with the poetic touch of the best traditions of the collective imagination.

“I still think that carnival is the official confirmation of the deep need not to be ourselves. At least for a day’


Welcome to AUGUST 2020, the challenge between Drag Queen versus Horror King.

This year, the competition will be tougher than ever, two groups, two worlds, two styles, diametrically opposed, but both with the unmistakable flavour of lavish and theatrically scenic masks and costumes: the one formed by all the men who will compete in the guise of the fabulous Drag Queens will challenge the female world, all the women will interpret the unmistakable style of the Horror King. Yes, this year Men vs. Women, the mother of all challenges, a battle that promises to be epic, a fair contest that will begin on the evening of Monday, 10 August, and end on the night of the 15th, a week of games and festivities, in which the Drag Queen themes for all the boys will dominate, as opposed to the Horror King for all the girls.
Climb aboard, welcome to Ferragosto 2020.

Dear Men, prepare the best wigs you can, the most glittering clothes you can find, arm yourselves with boas, make-up, sequins, flashy accessories and why not…even a nice 10 heel!!! We want to see you more glitzy and Queen than ever, the difference, in this long and difficult challenge, will be the details!

Are you ready to dare and let go like never before?

Maybe this is just the right summer….

Dear Women, are you ready to terrorise your husband?

Give free rein to the Horror that resides in each one of you, we want to see you shivering in your make-up, chilling in your clothes, ready to take home the ultimate victory. We really believe in your creativity, amaze us with special effects and don’t forget that unity is strength…

Even the children will be protagonists in this glittering and gloomy world of Drag/Horror… All the girls will be splendid Draqs and will challenge many cute vampires and zombies played by the children in the structure.

It’s time to start, see you on Monday 10 at 11.30 p.m. in the piazzetta for the inaugural parade of Ferragosto 2020, strictly all dressed up to cut the starting ribbon and begin this mad race towards the 15th: the world of the Drag Queens made up of all the men of Torre Rinalda challenges the world of the Horror King, formed by all the women in the village.

Who will come out on top?
Will the boas or the vampire teeth win?
Will the wig or zombie make-up triumph?

We’ve talked too much, it’s time to change identity and go for the win…
Happy Ferragosto, and above all, have fun everyone!

“Blessed are those who know how to laugh at themselves, for they will never run out of fun.”