Marina di Lecce - Puglia
Opening 2024: 25 May to 15 Sep

Santo Oronzo Festival


The event

The festival of Lecce patron Saints Oronzo, Giusto and Fortunato is a three-day event that involves the whole town with events of all kinds and for all generations.

The religious manifestations open the afternoon of the 24th of august with the procession starting from the marvelous frame of the Duomo, where faithful, confraternities and the officials of the administration meet. After the long procession the bishop celebrates the solemn Mass.

During the three-day festival there are a lot of Masses in tribute to the patron Saints and the whole city comes alive with a lot of shows and concerts.
On the 26th night a breathtaking fireworks show traditionally takes place in the city center.
Another big attraction of this event is the Amusement Park, set up every year for the happiness of thousands of kids and young people, with always new jousts.

Most of the events are free. The tickets for the amusement park can be bought at the entrance. For more information, please contact the reception.

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