Marina di Lecce - Puglia
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the most eastern city of Italy

Otranto, the most eastern city of Italy, is the meeting point of different civilizations and cultures that left notable evidences in the architecture, gastronomy and traditions over the centuries.
Otranto, rich in charm and history, is about 60 km away from our Holiday Center.

From the ancient Porta Terra you can walk in the old town, dotted with craft shops and typical restaurants.
The Cathedral with its unique floor mosaic is the sacred symbol of Otranto, famous for the bloody Turkish invasion in 1480.
Equally charming and important are the San Pietro Church, the Curch of Madonna dell’Alto Mare and the Santa Maria dei Martiri Church.
The Diocesan Museum is located near the Cathedral and traces the story of the town.

The Aragonese Castle was built in the fifteenth century to protect the city and it is famous for the majestic and irregular plant. Today the castle hosts exhibitions, cultural manifestations and concerts.
An other place of infinite beauty is the Lighthouse of Punta Palascia, brought back to lightthanks to the European funds and mentioned in the 5 most important lighthouses of the Mediterranean Sea. The panorama from the Lighthouse’s terrace is breathtaking.

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