Marina di Lecce - Puglia
Opening 2024: 25 May to 15 Sep

Torre Rinalda again Glamping excellence

18 October 2017

We are proud to be the only facility in Puglia to be named for the second consecutive year by KoobCamp, a well-known tourism network, among the 10 best campsites and villages in Italy for the Glamping category.
For those who do not yet know, Glamping is the union of glamour and camping: the ideal solution for those who like to spend a vacation in close contact with nature in beautiful, environmentally sustainable accommodations equipped with a variety of comforts.
Our Adria Mobile Homes and Safari Tents are ideal for families who want to spend such a vacation: children are free to run in the green surroundings, while older children relax in front of the accommodation.
For more adventurous couples, on the other hand, we recommend the Rider Tent, a small and lovely accommodation, ideal for couples of cyclists and motorcyclists without their own camping gear.
To learn more, and you can visit the Village&Glamping area directly on our website.

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